Get Unwanted Trees Out of Your Way

Count on us for convenient tree removal & stump grinding in Cedar Rapids, IA

Are dead or diseased trees getting in your way? Even a perfectly healthy tree can prevent you from installing the landscaping features you want. This is annoying, but Wallander Demolition Services LLC. can help. We're your source for reliable tree removal and stump grinding services in the Cedar Rapids, IA area.

We'll make it look like the unwanted tree was never there to begin with. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Our team removes all types of trees

Our team removes all types of trees

There are lots of different reasons why you may want to schedule tree removal. Our clients often hire us to get rid of:

  • Hazardous trees
  • Trees growing over power lines
  • Dead or diseased trees

Once we've cut down the tree, we can either leave it for you to use as firewood or haul it away. You can also call on us for stump grinding services. Set up an appointment today to improve your yard.