Make Your Yard More Stable

Protect your landscape with a retaining wall installation in Cedar Rapids, IA

Wind and rain can easily cause soil to erode, which may seriously damage your landscaping. Worse yet, issues with erosion can create major problems around the foundation of your home or commercial building. To help prevent potential issues, it's a good idea to schedule a retaining wall installation.

Wallander Demolition Services LLC. is a preferred retaining wall builder for residential and commercial clients in the Cedar Rapids, IA area. Schedule an appointment today to protect your yard from erosion.

3 good reasons to get a retaining wall from our builder

3 good reasons to get a retaining wall from our builder

Wonder how a retaining wall builder can help you out? They can install a retaining wall that will:

  1. Hold back loose dirt and soil
  2. Help prevent erosion problems
  3. Offer additional support in your yard

Almost everyone can benefit from a retaining wall installation. Contact us today to schedule yours. You can also call us if your retaining wall needs repairs.